Clubs & Student Council


Student clubs form at Beaver as a result of student interest and initiative. Clubs meet every other week. Most of the clubs have been sustained over many years, while a few vary year-to-year based on student interests. Anyone wanting to start a club must secure the approval of the Dean of Students and find a faculty advisor. It is the job of the student leader of the club, however, to organize and plan meetings and activities. At the beginning of each school year, a club fair and sign-up period takes place.

Recent student clubs include:

Acoustic Coffee House
Agents of Social Change
Art Club
Asian Culture
Birthday Wishes
Dam Force
Del Sol
Entrepreneurship and Investment
Gay Straight Alliance
Jewish Culture Club
Marketing and Sales
Micro-lending and Global Philanthropy
Mock Trial
Model United Nations
Music Radio Station
Random Acts of Kindness
Science and Technology
Self Defense
Sports Debate
Young Republicans

Student Council Officers, 2016-2017

The Student Council is a group of students, elected by their classmates, who are concerned with the well being of their school. They organize social events and work on solving problems that arise during the school year.

Executive Board
President: Sydney Brown
Vice President: Jerome Edwards
Treasurer: Max Steinberg
Director of Communication: Jack Saperstone
Representative to the Board of Trustees: Jordan Alloway

12th Grade
President: Lily Caro
Vice President: Will French
Treasurer: Will Ferguson

11th Grade
President: Teresa Huckaby
Vice President: Jennifer Levin
Treasurer: Zack Taylor

10th Grade
President: Zack Cataldo
Vice President: Will Brown
Treasurers: Annie Muggia

9th Grade
Vice President: