Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Beaver’s admissions process are answered here. If your question is not answered or you would like more information about Beaver, contact the Admission Office at 617-738-2725 or admission@bcdschool.org.

How do I begin the application process?

Start by filling out the online inquiry form. This will add you to our mailing list. You may phone us at 617-738-2725 to schedule the required interview and tour.
Online Open Inquiry Form


Please call us at 617 738-2725. We begin conducting tours during the second week of school (in early September) and continue through the middle of January. An interview is a required for all students and their parents/guardians. One or both parents or guardian should accompany the student applicant.

We also hold several open house sessions during the fall/winter when you can take a group tour of the campus and attend an information session, but you will still need to schedule a private interview by January 15.

When is the deadline for applying?

You must have completed the tour and interview, taken the required standardized test, and submitted the application and all required teacher recommendations and school grade reports by January 15. Financial aid forms are due February 1.

What standardized tests are required?

All applicants are required to take either the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) or the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) by the application deadline of January 15.

The SSAT may be taken at Beaver on Saturday, December 12, 2015. The ISEE may be taken at Beaver on Saturday, January 9, 2016. Both tests begin at 8:00 AM.

Other test dates are available at other locations. You must register for each in advance and ask that the official score report be sent directly to Beaver. Use the following school codes for Beaver when you register for either test: #220595 (ISEE) or #1528 (SSAT).

How many places are available each year by grade?

Sixth, seventh and ninth grades are “entry years,” enrolling 28-30 students for sixth grade, 15-18 students for seventh grade, and 25-35 students for ninth grade. Eighth, tenth and eleventh grades add new students as space is available.

How many students are in each grade?

The middle school numbers about 125 students total and the upper school has about 332 students (2013-2014 enrollment is about 457 total students). We aim to have about 30 students in sixth grade and about 45 each in seventh and eighth grades, but some years these numbers vary by a few students either way. In the upper school (grades 9-12) our goal is about 80 students in each grade.

What kinds of students is Beaver looking for?

All kinds! We seek students who have demonstrated academic potential and intellectual curiosity, along with interests and talents in athletics and the arts. We are looking for strongly motivated and creative students; students who are willing to try new activities and who enjoy collaborating with others; students who come from diverse family backgrounds and cultures, and students who will become good friends and leaders in our community. There is no one typical Beaver student; rather we seek to build a close community of strong individuals.

How are applicants evaluated?

We look at the whole student, not simply at test scores and grades. We are interested in what current teachers say about a student’s academic potential, motivation, and strengths, and in what a student’s interests and goals may be(students have an opportunity to describe these during the interview and in the written application). The applications and interview notes are reviewed and discussed by a group of current faculty and staff.

What can we expect during our visit to campus?

The visit begins with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) taking a guided tour of the school with a Beaver student, parent, or faculty member. Only one parent/guardian is required to attend the tour and interview, though both adults are welcome. (We ask, however, that you do not bring siblings who are too young to apply.)

Immediately following the campus tour, the student will first meet one-on-one with a member of the admission staff. (If siblings are applying, a second interview with the brother/sister will immediately follow). After the student has been interviewed, the admission officer will meet with the parent(s)/guardian(s).

The interview is an opportunity for the admission staff to meet the student in person and learn more about his or her experiences and interests. Students and families have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Beaver.

The tour and interview will take about two hours total and are required for all applicants by January 15.

Do I need to dress up for a campus visit?

No. It is more important for you to be comfortable than to try to impress us with your clothing. On your campus tour you will see that Beaver students dress casually. The tour involves walking inside and outside and climbing some stairs, so comfortable footwear and a warm jacket are advisable, depending on the weather.

Where is the Admission Office located and where should I park?

There are several reserved parking spots for those visiting the admission office. As you enter the school’s driveway from Hammond Street, the admission parking area is approximately 150 yards on the right-hand side. If those spots are occupied, you may park in any open spot. Handicap parking is available in the front circle.

After you park, you may enter the admission reception room directly from the right-hand side of the front circle (look for the sign and the door into the Admission office). Or, if you enter through the school’s main entrance doors (under the porch), turn right, walk down the hallway about 20 yards, and take your first right turn. The admission reception room is the 2nd door on your right.

For directions to our campus please go to the Directions page.

May I visit campus before I come for my required interview?

We hold several admission open house events during the fall which anyone may attend. Some families choose to attend an open house the year before they might apply, as a means of familiarizing themselves with the school’s facilities and mission. At an open house there are group tours and information sessions designed to give you an idea of whether you may wish to apply. Those who decide to apply must still schedule an interview and an individual campus tour even if they have already attended an open house.

Do siblings or children of alumni get preference?

Siblings or “legacy” applicants are considered first on their own merits, and second on their relationships to current or former Beaver students. We do have quite a few siblings and alumni children, but we urge families to consider each child as an individual in deciding whether Beaver would be the right fit, just as we do in evaluating siblings and alumni children.

Should I include an outside letter of reference in addition to the required parts of the application?

While not required, an additional letter of reference may be helpful, but only if the writer knows the student well in an academic or extracurricular context. For example, if the applicant is a competitive athlete outside of school, the coach might be in a position to comment on the student’s dedication and teamwork. Or if the applicant plays in an orchestra, the music director might write a letter stating the level of commitment and describing any special talents. We are not looking for letters from family friends who may or may not have a relationship with Beaver.

I'm a home-schooled student – what should I submit in lieu of the school and teachers' reports?

Please see our guidelines for home-schooled students. You will need to submit a detailed syllabus and transcript, a sample writing assignment, a typical weekly schedule, a list of extracurricular activities, and reports from your math and English instructor. If you have further questions, please contact the Admission Office.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the 2013-14 year is $39,950. Tuition covers nearly all expenses including lunch, sports uniforms, and any required school trips. The family is responsible for purchasing all required textbooks and the student’s laptop computer (not included in tuition). A $1,000 deposit is due upon enrollment (by April 10 for new students); the balance can be spread out in various payment plans (see Tuition & Financial Aid).

How is financial aid awarded?

All aid is based on need, as demonstrated by the financial aid and tax forms the family submits by February 1. A committee determines how to apportion the available financial aid funds among the families who apply. About 24% of our students receive some financial aid. To learn more about how to apply, please go to the Financial Aid section of this site.

When will I know if I'm accepted?

Acceptance letters are mailed on March 10. You will also learn about any financial aid at this time. Your decision to enroll is required by April 10, along with your tuition deposit.

What does it mean to be placed on the waiting list?

Being placed on the waiting list means that we may be able to offer you enrollment if space becomes available. Normally, we will know if any spaces are available shortly after the April 10 enrollment date, but sometimes a few spaces open up during the spring and summer (e.g. if a current family moves). The Admission Office will contact you if a space should become available (provided you have requested to stay on the waiting list). The list is not ranked.

Will I get a chance to visit Beaver again before I decide whether to enroll?

Yes, there are re-visit days for admitted students in late March and early April. If you are admitted you will be notified of your assigned revisit day during which students attend class with a current student. Parents are also invited to attend classes and an information session.

We missed the January 15 application deadline; can we apply later in the spring?

Please contact us after April 10, the date by which accepted students must notify us if they plan to enroll next year. At that time we will have a better idea of the length of the waiting list associated with each grade. We are happy to send you a brochure at any time of year. An interview is still required if you apply out of the regular cycle. The Admission Office is open during the summer but staffing is limited, and there are no Beaver students in the building between early June and Labor Day.