Beaver’s library is home to thousands of books and periodicals. It offers ample space for students to study, work collaboratively, or just relax in a quiet space. Library staff is on-hand to assist with students’ research needs.

A technology help desk is located in the library to assist students with their computing needs.

The Library’s Mission

Our mission is to:

  • support the school’s curriculum by teaching information literacy skills;
  • provide library and technology resources and instruction to middle and upper school students, faculty and staff;
  • collaborate with teachers to create differentiated learning experiences that meet the individual needs of every student;
  • create learning experiences that stimulate cognitive curiosity and generate intrinsic rewards;
  • encourage all of our students to build upon their strengths and reach their full potential;
  • provide our students with the skills necessary to become problem solvers, critical and creative thinkers, and lifelong learners;
  • promote literacy and love of recreational reading.

The Library Hub

Members of the Beaver community use the Beaver Library Hub as an online resource to all the library has to offer. The hub contains pathfinders to research about particular subjects; links to the library catalog and interlibrary loan; lists of books to read for fun; and much, much more.

Library Staff

Jenna Wolf
Title: Director of Information Services
Phone: (617) 738-2700 ext :306
Jenna Wolf