Board of Trustees

As the school’s governing body, the Board of Trustees plays a central role in overseeing the school’s operations and in planning Beaver’s future. The board’s responsibilities include setting and implementing strategic goals to fulfill the school’s mission and ensuring its financial health. While day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the management team, longer-term projects often originate and take shape at the board level.

Board Members (2015-2016)

William R. O’Reilly, Jr. P ’09
Vice Presidents
Tomas Bergstrand P’19, ’21
Randi Cutler P’18
David Fubini P’10, ’15, ’18
Josh Kraft P’16, ’18
Mary Loeken P’11, P’13
Peter Saperstone P’18
Head of School

Peter Hutton
Nick Adams P’17, ’19, ’22
Marga Biller P’13
Chris Dede P’11
Brian Ferguson P ’17, 20
Thilo Henkes ’87
Enna Jimenez P’18
Steven Kaitz P’15
Will Muggia P’17, ’19
Andrew Offit P’09
Lisa Smith-McQueenie P’15, 17
Sonja Spears ’82, P’10, 12
Kevin Sullivan P’15
Faculty Representative
Alex Gould ’95
Tara Paulauskas
Parent Representatives
Denise Miller P’06, ’11, ’16
Nancy Buckley P’19
Student Representative
Laurel Sullivan ’16
Trustees Emeritus
Charles Campion P’09
Marian Terry Clouse ’58
Deborah Willard Coogan P’00
Edward Eskandarian P’90
Elizabeth Jick P’05, P’08
Nancy Moore ’41
Jennifer Potter-Brotman ’71
Nina Rubenstein Morse ’61
Robert Riemer P’88, P’90
Maria Walsh ’70
David Weltman P’75, P’78, P’82

William R. O’Reilly, Jr. appears, at left, with Head of School Peter Hutton in the photo at the top of the page.